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What is Müm?

Müm is the newest addition to PS Furniture’s range of “Furniture for Flexible Spaces”. Müm is part of a new category of seating, called “touchdown” or “perch” seating.

“Touchdown” seating is designed for short interval seating, literally “taking a seat”. Two design elements make Müm unique. One is a choice of rocking or rolling bases, inviting the person to move while seated. The second is its amazing portability. Grab Müm’s leather handle and carry your Müm to anywhere you want to sit.

Müm is designed around a set of modular components. Müm is available in five different bottom modules in two different heights. Whether you are looking for a seat that rocks, rolls, or is simply stationary, there’s a Müm for you.

Touchdown and perch seating options have recently begun to grow in popularity and Müm is the best in its class, having won a “Best of Neocon” award in 2016.

For those of you intrigued by this newest trend in seating, here are a few illustrations where touchdown seating can offer the perfect furniture solution.

  • Touchdown seating, and Müm specifically, is perfect for the modern open office layout. These space-economical, portable seats can be used to fill open areas and facilitate a more dynamic group work environment. With rocking or rolling bottoms, Müm is perfect for high energy office environments.
  • Müm is the ideal for schools as well! Touchdown seating is already incredibly popular among educators as the small, mobile designs allow for the freedom of motion that kids want. Here again, Müm’s rocking or rolling motion is a great fit.
  • The last example of space where touchdown seating works is hotel lobbies or breakfast buffet areas. Travelers, business people, and vacationers alike are all on the go, so is Müm!

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