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Our thought is when people have no time to sit, create places where they have no need to.
Revolution reception tables are super lightweight and built to be easier to takedown and store.
Get ready to rearrange what you expect from your furniture.
Don't settle for furniture that just sits there. Expect furniture that turns common spaces into uncommon places.
Think big. We'll furnish the details.
Big ideas go over better when people are using furniture filled with thoughtful little details.

These easy-to-move tables,
make collaborating a Snap™.
Snap™ Portable Tables can be reconfigured almost instantly to accommodate as many or as few meeting participants as necessary. Enjoy faster, more focused meetings with Snap™.

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Our furniture is easier to move.
And now our website is easier to use.
Introducing our new, more useful, product pages.
Product specs? Options? Pictures? Sizes? Laminate choices? They're all easier to find on our newly redesigned product pages. Click on any of the links above to check out our highly portable tables, chairs or other furnishings. Our products have always been built to be more useful, and, now, so is our website.

Let’s talk! (Or, more accurately, let’s type.)At PS Furniture, we’ve always loved talking about furniture. And now we’re taking talk to the next level (technologically speaking) with our live Chat feature.
Have a question, comment, or suggestion? Just click on the green “Chat now” tab at the bottom of the page to interact with an actual member of our staff. If you can type, you can “talk” using our live chat feature. Of course, you can still call us at 800.762.0415, but where’s the fun in that? Go ahead and live a little. Click the “Chat now” button below and know...chatting now.