More portable.

Almost all our furniture is designed to move. For example, our training tables are twice as portable because they weigh half as much

More comfortable.

Furniture should be comfortable to sit on,  not too expensive, and easy to move and store. Luckily, our furniture is all of the above.

More presentable.

When you have a presentation, the last thing you want to be worrying about is the furniture. Our mobile lecterns are easy to move and worry-free.

More transportable.

Most of our furniture is easy to stack, easy to store, and easy to move. We even make it easy to get. Give us a call and let us deliver.

PS Furniture – Our Green StoryPS Furniture prides itself on the ability to recycle or reuse nearly every part of our products.
Whether we’re resurfacing tables or providing playground materials, PS Furniture is dedicated to providing environmentally friendly lifecycle solutions for our products.