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Now that we’ve all been introduced to Müm and the various implementations of touchdown seating in general, its time to take a look at the history of this little “perch”. Müm was originally developed by our collaborative design partners at Union Design, an industrial design firm based in East Greenville, Pennsylvania. For over 18 years Union Design has provided product solutions to various clients on a global scale.

Müm, was originally developed as Mesa. The concept was that, like natural mesas that occur across the American southwest, Müm functions to break up the modern open space of work environments. From classrooms, to conference spaces, hotel lobbies and more, Müm rise above the plain of the open work environment. Union Design is the creative arm of Union Design whose goal is to design innovative products that are unique in aesthetic and function, with the endgame of licensing those designs to a select few manufacturers. Müm is one of those innovative products, and PS one of those manufacturers. This dynamic seat has five different bottom modules that let you choose to rock, rolls or be stationary.

Now that we know what Müm is and where it came from, we have to ask: where is it going? Jeff Theesfield, partner at Union Design, sees Müm as a “perch” seating solution in areas many would never immediately imagine. Studies have demonstrated that children with special needs benefit immensely from increased mobility. The ability to move around, without the constraints of a typical desk and chair setup, allows children to relax and focus on their studies. Mum is space-economical and portable, designed to be moved to facilitate greater collaboration. It’s no wonder then, that Müm recently won gold in the 2016 “Best of Neocon” category of Education Solutions.

While Müm continues to prove itself as a well conceived and designed piece of furniture, more functions and settings will continue to make themselves known.

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