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Made in America: 20 Year PS Furniture Employee Jan Miller

In our small western Pennsylvania town, people get up and go to work, just like you and me. They’re hardworking, patriotic men and women that have called western Pennsylvania their home for generations. It is these men and women who make up the workforce of PS Furniture. It is these men and women that make this company great.

While there are many workers who comprise the backbone of our PS Furniture operation, we want to take this opportunity to highlight one person, in particular. Jan Miller, a PS Furniture veteran of nearly 20 years. Jan perfectly embodies the best qualities of the “American worker” and we are so fortunate to have her with us.

Jan has had an incredibly productive career at PS Furniture, leading departments, leading by example her co-workers and acting as one of our “go to” people when we need someone to master new or challenging processes. For example, Jan is filling the role of our production lead on PS Furniture’s latest product: Müm. If you’ve been following this PS blog, you’ll have heard about this “perch seating” product that is making a big splash in the contract furniture market. Each Müm that PS Furniture ships is constructed and upholstered by Jan personally!

Jan has participated in the production of Müm since the beginning, providing vital production insights throughout the process. It is this commitment to excellence, characteristic of PS Furniture and Jan, that gives us confidence in Müm’s potential.

We are proud of Jan Miller and our long-time association with her. We are an American company with American values and Jan Miller is one of our best.

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