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Made in America for 100 Years

PS Furniture has served the furniture market for nearly 100 years. Like the family owned and operated companies that make up our clientele, PS Furniture prides itself on its American roots. Most of the products we sell are manufactured on American soil in our Pennsylvania factory. PS Furniture’s core production facility lies in a small town called Conneautville, Pennsylvania. Conneautville and the people who live there embody the very spirit of this country. We want to take this chance to highlight the many ways in which Conneautville, Pennsylvania embodies the heart and soul of PS Furniture.

Located in the heart of Crawford County, Conneautville found its beginnings in 1814 when Alexander Power, a surveyor and engineer, first established the town. The town is almost entirely rural with little industry taking place in the entire county. But since 1919 PS Furniture has been happy to call this industrious corner of Pennsylvania our home. The people of Conneautville are truly some of the brightest representatives of the American spirit.

Diligence, perseverance, and independence. These are all attributes shared by the hardworking residents of Crawford County. From deer hunting to off-roading, to simply putting in a hard day’s work, the people of Conneautville are Americans to their very core. PS Furniture has perennially placed a premium on the values that this country holds dear. It takes a certain stubbornness to endure what this world will throw your way. PS Furniture and the people of Crawford County understand that. But no matter what, as long as this spirit continues to live in the heart of our country, the United States will continue to thrive.

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