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Where did WALS come from?

PS Furniture’s solutions are trying to help people better manage the proliferation of “flexible spaces”. In this post, we explore the creation of our latest portable acoustical wall product, asking, “Where did WALS™ come from?” we hope you’ll read on to find out more.

Like Müm, WALS embodies the form-is-function design philosophy of Union Design and its parent, Shea + Latone. Partner Jeff Theesfield says WALS started out much like PS Furniture’s perch seat, Müm: with a search for a better answer.

Shea + Latone noticed that the traditional mobile partition was “4 wheels on a stationary panel”. WALS, in contrast, is dictated solely by its function. The panel size is based on eye height to maximize privacy. The two wheels opposite the handle ensure little weight to lift, creating effortless mobility. The large wheels are not only a design statement, but easily roll over thresholds and are visible enough to not pose a tripping hazard. Plus, all panel materials were chosen to optimize acoustic dampening.

WALS is not another partition on casters. WALS is highly mobile acoustical privacy on wheels that enables the creation of private spaces.

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