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Müm Materials: Upholstery

Perch seating may be a growing trend in the commercial furniture industry, but what sets Müm apart? What makes Müm stand out in a crowded room, as it did at NeoCon 2016? The answer is simple. The upholstery.

With numerous color options across two distinct material types, the range of expression is endless. Müm is available in Knoll Delite color fabric and Vision Fabrics Midship vinyl. No matter what the backdrop, Müm will fit right in.

Within the Knoll Delite fabric options, consumers have the options of eight distinct colors from orange to charcoal. A favorite of mine is the turquoise. It has a chic modern feel that makes it stand out and blend in at the same time. For the 100% vinyl upholstery, manufactured by Vision Fabrics, the color options are as diverse as royal blue, almond, and Azure. For those whose color-needs are not met by the preexisting options, PS will also offer custom color options in both material types.

Whatever your furniture needs, PS is committed to providing a solution. Müm’s upholstery, while ascetically pleasing, assists in providing that solution. From fabric to vinyl, the upholstery will withstand and stand out through countless spills, accidents, and crises. Each option has something unique to offer the consumer.

PS Furniture is committed to offering furniture solutions. That is why Müm is COM compliant, to allow for Müm to fit every consumer and designer’s space needs. It is our hope that through a wide range of upholstery options offered across the Müm line, every consumer will be able to walk away satisfied. If you have further questions regarding our COM guidelines check them out here or a customer service agent is standing by via live chat.

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